PanicButton Extension The Panic Button is an extension for your browser that can help you to surf undisturbed in tricky situations. In some games, such as the popular “grouse”, there was also such a solution. At that time, after a certain key combination was pressed a Word document appeared as camouflage.

However, the Extension installes a button that hides all open tabs immediately and simultaneously when pressed. These are not just closed, but saved in a temporary folder. If you are undisturbed again, you can simply press the button and all the tabs reappear.

The following screenshot shows the administration area. As you can see, there is also a shortcut that can be set up, so that you do not even have to use the mouse. Also you can set a password so that the “secured” Tabs can not be recovered from someone uninvited simply. The page to be displayed instead of hidden tabs is flexible. A blank page, the “New Tab” -Page or even an individual page: It’s your choice. The button of the extension can also be hidde after use – the restoration can then be done comfortable with the shortcut!

Administration area:


Review of user opinions:

If you look in the forums and in the Webstore, opinions are mainly positive: The extension also has a rating of 4.5/5 stars. Is criticized, however, that the process of restoring will take some time on slow PCs and for the fact that the tabs are reloaded after restoring – and not just unhidden.


Apart from the few criticisms this is a great extension that can save you from many tricky situations. The numerous adjustment possibilities as well as the use of shortcuts round the package off. There is just one little drawback: If you are in a really tricky situation, the password function wont help you much, because the tabs are still existing in the bookmark folder. But as you know this extension is more for mock – and not for certified security.

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