crxMouse Gestures – Control the complete browser with your mouse

crxMouse Gestures Extension The Iron extension “crxMouse Gestures” allows easy operation with the mouse. There are various simple and easy to remember movements with the mouse and the computer performs the desired actions.
The operation with the mouse is mainly on laptops and desktop computer remains standard, yet it is still cumbersome. With the mouse pointer which is often quite small symbols must be precisely targeted and pressed. With the expansion crxMouse Gestures suffice a simple movement with your mouse and the chosen action is performed. Here, the user presses a mouse button, it can previously be determined. To see the action he is performing, the Gesture is displayed with a colored line on the computer screen. When he releases the button, the line will disappear naturally back immediately.

Download and Settings

As with all Iron extension the download is very easy. The user must only press on the relevant page the “Add” button, allowing access to individual functions and soon the extension is installed. If the user now calls the extension page, he can familiarize himself with the exact functions of the extension and change the settings. Then they can click in the general settings, what kind of instructions he wants to give. In addition to general Mouse Gesture Gesture also “Wheel Rocker Gesture” and “Superdrag” is possible. At all Gestures detailed settings are possible.

If a gesture with the mouse is performed, it is indicated by a colored line. This can be switched off and change in color and thickness. Normally, the function is activated with the right mouse button, but even that can be changed. The given instructions can be imported, enhanced with new or deleted Simple instructions are for example: move left: reverse action, movement to the right: forward, downward motion: scroll down.

User opinions:

There are now more than 4400 users reviews, which were mostly positive. One reviewer believes that following the enlargement of the pages are displayed incorrectly. Sometimes users report an indication of adware or spyware, which could not be verified by the own test.

Our conclusion

This tool facilitates the use of the computer with the mouse significantly. The given instructions are self-explanatory and within minutes you can begin the work. The Gesture can be extended without problems. Moreover, there are even more features such as “Super Drag” or “Rocker Gesture” which extend the functionality significantly.
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