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SilverBord Extension Twitter is one of the major social media platforms. With Twitter users can send short messages to their followers. If you find, for example, an interesting site on the web, then you can pass it on to your followers. It is very complicated, if the user needs to access the page with each new Tweet. Easy does it with the free extension Silverbird.

Sending the first tweet
Like all other Iron Plugins this can also be downloaded from the web store. Simply select the “Add” button. First, the app still needs to be authorized. After a few seconds a blue Twitter-bird appears next to the address bar of the browser. If you want to send a tweet, you only have to click the Twitter icon. It opens a window. Here are the latest tweets or direct messages to be viewed. Of course, you can respond directly to DM or send a new tweet.

The main features of Silverbird

First of all, the tool can send tweets. The window is not immediately visible, you need to click on the two arrows at the top. Then the window travels part way down and you will see a field in which the Tweet can be entered. By clicking “Tweet it” you send the message. Of course, also file upload is possible. “Ready for your message” appears in the timeline. If you click on “Home”, all the tweets appear. You can display only the tweets also, which are provided withIhrName and of course the DMs. If you have defined favorite, then these can also show. Within the tools the links can be shortened. In the options you can choose which service you want to use. By the way the tool works not only with Twitter, but also with This can also be changed in the

User opinions

Most reviews were very positive. For some, the tool appears to be not operating. However, this can not be reconstructed, as it functioned in a test without problems. A user complained that the tweets can not be shipped with the Enter key. That’s a little annoying, as well, that the Tweet-window closes after each message and must be re-opened.

Our conclusion

For all users of social networks an indispensable tool. Who uses twitters regularly, can do this by clicking on the blue icon send a message. For users who send a lot of tweets, it is sometimes a bit annoying, as “tweet it” must be pressed and enter does not work.

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