IETab – Use Sites and Plugins (for Java and Silverlight e.g.) in Iron like in Internet Explorer

IETab The switch from Internet Explorer to the Browser Iron brings many benefits, but it may be that many pages appear differently or may operate differently under the Iron browser. Especially for web developers that is an important fact. Now it is no longer needed to test a site in IE – just press a button. Also in another area, the extension is very useful: Iron uses PPAPI. However, this advanced technology has the disadvantage that some plugins are no longer supported. So the Silverlight player stops working under Iron and also the Java plugin or ActiveX can no longer be used. The extension IETab is an interface with the click of a button the page is presented as you would be called with the IE.

Installation and Usage

The installation works like all Extensions. Simply navigate to the download page and install the extension. After a few seconds a small e in a circle appears next to the browser field. The application is very simple. If you want to display a page with IE-Mode, then click on the “e” and the page appears after a few seconds as it would show the IE. By right-clicking on the icon different settings can be made. First, some general options are listed. Some settings have already been made, others may even co-opt the user. For website developers is particularly interesting in that it can call the page with various IE versions, starting with IE 7.

User opinions

Most users were impressed by the extension and gave her the maximum score of 5 stars. Several times was negatively noted that the extension only works with Windows. Not even with the Google’s own Chrome OS it seems to work. This probably is due to the fact that it is an IE in the extension in principle. This can only be installed on a Windows system, according to the company statement. Chrome, however, can also run on other systems, such as for example on Linux operating systems.

Our conclusion

Although the IE is not used by many users, he brings it still has a market share of 11 percent. If an Internet site with the IE does not show up correctly, then it means that more than 10 percent of visitors are excluded from this website. So every webmaster needs to check his website in IE. Who are not too keen switch browsers, which can try with this extension the page as IE. The particular advantage is that it can even test different versions. Private users, who like to watch movies on the Internet with the Silverlight technology, which can not with Iron. With IETab that works smoothly.

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