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Ghostery Extension On websites of advertising networks (Google, Facebook, etc.) are not only advertising banners, but also Tracker, Web bugs, and other programs that take a look for the user’s behavior more closely. Ghostery detects these pages and provides the Surfer also more information about the advertiser. With the Iron Extension the user can also block images, frames and other objects can block. An important feature is the collaboration with the developer of the extension. If the user encounters a page on a tracker, he can anonymously leave informations to the server, so that the database is constantly expanding on potential dangerous objects on the Internet.

Installation and usage

As usual, the surfer must click during installation easyily in Web Store on “Add”. After a brief review the installation takes place. In addition to the address bar a small, gray icon appears in the form of a stylized ghost. To activate the extension click on the icon. First, a brief introduction will take place in the use of the extension. The Surfer can stop the launch immediately. When Ghostery is active on one side, the icon will change color from gray to blue and shows the number of trackers found at. Pages that were loaded before the installation will not be analyzed. Who wants more details about the site can click on the icon. For each tracker a slider can be seen, which indicates how Ghostery proceed right now with this. The default shows that Tracker is allowed. Who wants to block the tracker, can simply move the slider to red (far right). In addition to the display, there is a check mark, which is initially gray. The user can activate it, it will turn green. Now this Tracker will always be allowed on the site.
By clicking on the top right gear different options can be accessed. However, these are not settings, but the extension calls the page on the web store for information on. For the user only two buttons are important. One can block the page (the status will change from blue to orange with a cross). It is also possible to put this page on the White List. The status of the tracker turns green and the icon is gray.

User opinons

To date, there almost 8,700 comments and reviews yet, most were positive. The extension has an average of 5 stars and so it is so well received by users. One user noted that he can not support the commercial orientation of the software. This opinion can not be traced, in our view, since after the first use no advertising is to be seen.

Our conclusion

For each surfer that will not be the glass object of advertisers, this extension is indispensable. It provides its services unobtrusively in the background and does not interfere with the daily work.

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