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Adblock Plus The Iron Extension Adblock Plus has about 50 million users, making it one of the most successful Extensions. As is apparent from the name to block the enlargement annoying ads, malware and tracking attacks and the user can surf in peace, without ever opening annoying window.

Properties of Adblock Plus

The extension blocks intrusive advertising but can, by default to certain advertising. This extension promotes the use unaufdringlicherer advertising. This setting can be changed under “options”. Simply hook at removing “some unobtrusive advertising permit” and so the user no longer harassed this ad.

Ad block Plus blocks following forms of advertising:
– banners
– Advertising in videos on YouTube
– Facebook Advertising
– Advertising with pop-ups
– Other intrusive forms of advertising

Installation and Settings

The extension is easy to install in the webstore. Just click on the link. During the installation a message appears that the extension takes access to your browsing history. This message is a default. The extension does not store any data.
After successful installation, a red octagon with white font ABP, which looks similar to the stop sign shown next to the browser. When browsing, a small number, indicating the number of blocked ads appear.
Clicking on the icon opens a small window. There further adjustments can be made. Users can add their own filter and define exceptions. The list of filters used should not be too big, because if the extension of the browser restricts much, it may be that that no reasonably functioning is possible.
Who wants to see the advertising on the site who clicks on the icon and can “enabled on this page” by clicking on that accept advertising. With “element blocking”, the user can remove it.

Evaluation of User opinions

The user opinions for Adblocker diverge greatly. Many are of the opinion that the extension too little or no advertising blocks, others are enthusiastic. A separate test revealed that pop-ups and banners be removed safely. Adwords advertising persists, it will also appear if the check “intrusive ads Allow” is removed. Manually block generates a filter, which then turns off the advertising.

Our opinion

After installation was advertising on pages that was normally packed ads disappeared. Start YouTube videos without delay through advertising. The extension allows many settings, so they can be switched off on certain pages if there is desired advertising. A definite recommendation for anyone who does not want to leave longer disturbed by annoying advertisements while surfing itself.


An alternative is uBlock, which trys to be very efficient saving CPU resources and memory.
Download AdBlock Plus:
> Click here <

Download uBlock:
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