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Youtube With the video portal YouTube everyone has the opportunity to create his own television program, and even become famous. Some stars such as Justin Bieber have first attracted attention with YouTube video clips.

Founded the portal in 2005 and is now one of the most successful and popular online communities in the world. YouTube generated 2014 sales of 4 billion US dollars. In Germany, the platform has 38 million users.

On YouTube, users will find all kinds of videos: excerpts from films, educational videos, music clips, slideshows, trailer, home movies and more. Because everyone has their own videos can upload, found also a lot of material that is not very professional. For many users, that makes just the charm of YouTube. Those looking for a recipe, wishes to upgrade his computer or will paper the apartment, the place on YouTube guarantees a video with a good guide. The video, the user can not only watch, but to share it with his friends and even download a special software.

Who often created several videos, which was to set up a YouTube channel. This page can completely customize according to your needs and there upload their videos. His audience can then all his videos at a glance and do not have awkward looking.

The application is very simple, it is only a Google account needed, because that is automatically also a YouTube access it.

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