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OneTab Extension Do you have often dozens of open tabs in the browser? And beside the lack of overview also the system memory runs out? You don’t want to close them, but store them and reopen later? Then this extension is probably just right for you!

First of all OneTab has a very simple mode built in to close the tab and restore. For this purpose, just click on the One Tab Icon -> –> OneTab Extension <-- , which you can find in the usual extension bar. Nun the tabs get closed suddenly. If you want to restore them, just click in an empty browser tab once again on the Icon. Then the following page is shown you: OneTab Extension Wiederherstellung

From here on you can choose if you want to restore just single tabs or the whole list. You can also delete the list, protect it against changes or give him a name and save it to find it easyier at a later time.

OneTab Extension Export/Import

Also very useful is the export/import function, with which you can export or import a list how you can see on last the Screenshot. One Tab also offers a souloution for a very common problem: How can i send a bunch of URLs to a friend on an easy way? You can now use the “Share all as web page”-Feature of OneTab! OneTab then creates a personal link on their servers with your selected URLs. It also offers a QRCode for handy users to reach it quicker!

Due to resprect for your privacy you can also delete the list on the server anytime how you can see on the screenshot.
Administration area:

OneTab also has a powerful options menu which we will show you here:

You can first set if the restored tabs are opend in the same or in a seperate browser window. You can also set, if a tab which is already pinned on the startpage should be also openend. Further you can set if the OnTab-Menu should be openened every time at the browser start or just when you open it manually.
Review of user opinions:

Die Nutzer sind durchweg sehr zufrieden, ein Nutzer gibt jedoch einen interessanten Verbesserungsvorschlag: Das OneTab Menü sollte über den Tab erreichbar sein und nicht über das PageMenü der Seite.
This extension is a real enrichment in todays time, where you can feel lost very quickly with dozen of openend tabs. The function range leaves no wishes and the online-sharing feature is a good rounding.

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