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Turn Off the Lights ExtensionYou surely know this problem: you want to log into a website and the website denied access because the password is not correct. Although it is in many cases possible to produce the password again, but this takes time. Many Internet users are logged on to a dozen or more websites and most requiriere a very complicated password consisting possible letters, numbers and special characters. LastPass solves this problem: With the extension you need only to remember one single password in the future.

Registration and administration

Once you have downloaded the extension, you must first create a master password. This will be the only password needed for all your services. Make sure that there is a password that is as safe as possible. Use upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers. It is useful also to choose a sensible word, but to create a fantasy word. You must then confirm the password again. LastPass does not store the master password if they you have forgotten it, so there is no way to reconstruct it. You can only specify a note that will be displayed. You will now see a white star on a red background in the browser, the symbol for LastPass.

After logging in, you will be immediately forwarded to the administration console. Here you can manage your web pages. Click Add on the top left. Now enter the account information of each page (URL, username, password). For a better overview, you can store the pages and their associated passwords in different folders. The folders are stored in the “safe”.

Another feature of this extension provides the rider “form – infill profiles”. If you enter your address here LastPass automatically fills in the forms on the internet. You also have the opportunity to share access to specific account with friends, relatives or co-workers.

A number of other tools will facilitate the daily work. E.g. you can open all your favorites with one click. In addition, there is the option to create one-time passwords, view deleted items and their course and to import or export passwords from/to a source.

If you have saved your passwords and stored in folders, you can perform safety checks to determine how safethey are. You also get helpful tips on how they can improve your safety on the Internet.

Review of user opinions:

The users gave the extension almost unanimously the highest rating. Only one user seems to have had problems with Chrome and therefore has only awarded 2 stars.


If you are surfing a lot on the internet and log on different pages, then this extension is essential for you. After registration you will have the good sense to be safe on the road in the network and to forget no password.

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