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VideoDownloder Professional Extension In the internet there are countless videos. If you surf regularly, then you can find many funny, thoughtful and beautiful films in the network. Often you just take a quick look at this and then go to the next page already. But at some point you wish to view this video maybe once again, but it has disappeared in the depths of the internet and untraceable. The extension Video Downloader Professional makes it easy for you to download embedded videos or archive them!
Administration and Settings

After activating the extension you see a gray film role at top of the browser. If you have found a video on the net, then the film roll changes and becomes a green arrow. Now click on the arrow and the extension will download the video. The video is saved in the Downloads folder, like all other downloads at Iron also. When the green arrow appears varies from page to page- sometimes you must first play the video at least a bit, then it can be downloaded.

At protected videos and YouTube videos, it is not possible to download it using the Extension. But here the program has a different solution ready: You can put the video on a watch list. This only works on certain sites (YouTube, Vimeo, CollegeHumor). If you want to watch a video on the list, just click with the right mouse button on the gray film roll, and then click Options. All videos appear then with a small thumbnail which increases when you move the mouse pointer over it. The appearance of the page can be customized. Simply right down to the “Settings” button. In the now appearing window, tick the “design your own settings”. Now you can change the color of the background, the text and the lower bar.

In addition, there are several options for the frame as flowers, leaves or small miniature works of art. The site also offers the possibility for wallpapers on a particular topic (eg. As Spring) to load.

User opinions

This extension has practically only good reviews. Many praise the easy handling. The restriction that the extension does not work on some pages most users does not rate as tragic.

Our conclusion

An extension that is suitable for anyone who likes to look at videos on the net and then want to download or archive it. The handling is very simple and you can start without registration. Also convenient is the shopping list, so you can save space on your hard drive and can always access your favorite videos. Only for YouTube you must search an alternative.

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