ZenMate or Hola – VPN in the browser by pressing a button

ZenMate Extension ZenMate allows you to be on the internet without beeing detected from where is your IP and from which country you come in the net. Some websites block users from certain countries. So can not look at any video from YouTube. With ZenMate You can access these pages, because the landing page does not recognize the country in which your computer is.

ZenMate was developed by an entrepreneur from Berlin and allows you to build a VPN (Virtual Private Network). All traffic that is handled by the browser passes the plugin at certain locations in Germany and abroad. Currently you can choose locations in Zurich, New York, Frankfurt, London and Hong Kong. So if a particular site only by surfers from the UK can be accessed, then it takes a simple click on the plug-in order to change the setting. The target website registered that you are from the UK and allows you to access the page.
Download and Settings
The download is very easy and the installation takes only a few seconds. Simply click the “Add” button on the extension page. You are first taken to the side of the extension. You only need to enter your email address and then the extension appears as a small, green sign on the top right. If you click on it, then opens an administration page, where you can change the location.

ZenMate with Romanian IP

You have the choice of Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong. You only need to click on “Choose” and the place is changed. You can also access the support page.
User opinions:
The review of the extension is very positive with a few critical voices. A user thinks he has noted that the extension slowed down the Internet. Another user doubts that if it is really possible to surf with this extension unrecognized in the network. But however, that is not the main intention of this extension.
Our conclusion
If you want to surf the web without interruption and want to visit sites that are not allowed in you country, then this plugin is perfect for you. It is totally free for Iron Browser. The described performance degradation were not detected in a test with a YouTube video. Who always wants to set up a VPN, but the cost and the technical means spared so far, you have been using this plugin now have the ability to surf across borders.

Download Zen Mate:
>Click here<
Download Hola:
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